Friday, September 4, 2009

Take Two # 5

Take Two!

Randy & myself (Wayne) will read comics and then we will present to you 2 comics that we think are worthy of your attention.

Fall Out Toy Works # 1

Writer : Brett Lewis
Artist : Sam Basri

This is a story inspired by the ideas and lyrics of the band
Fall Out Boy.The world of music once again crosses over
with the world of comics in this romantic,futuristic tale.The
story centers around a wealthy man (known as the Baron)
who is trying to create a robotic woman to be the perfect
lover,and fails miserably again and again.After his most recent
creation commits suicide he ends up hiring a brilliant robotic
toy maker to build his perfect woman.The toy maker has recently
fallen into financial trouble and so agrees to build the Baron's
robot,despite having doubts about replicating the complexities
of a person's emotions.

Over all I really enjoyed this book.I thought the writing was warm
and sincere and really made me feel for the characters.The book
was also beautifully illustrated by Sam Basri who looks to be a
very talented artist.

Will the toy maker succeed ? Will the robot love the Baron ?
Will the toy maker fall in love with the robot ? You'll have to buy the
book to find out.

Also,if you like this book and you want to check out some other
music related comics then check out Comic Book Tattoo ( inspired
by the music of Tori Amos ), Umbrella Academy ( written by
the lead singer of My Chemical Romance ), and Amory Wars
( Created,written,and inspired by Coheed and Cambria ).


Marvel Zombies Return 1

Writer : Fred Van Lente
Artist : Nick Dragotta

Blood , Guts , Gore, Zombies! good stuff! check it out


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