Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, Folks the end of the year is coming up and that means its time for..
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Annual Comic Store Sale 2009
DEC 26th - 31st

50 % off all Back Issues!

20% off all Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels!

20% off all Gaming Items!
(no punches for gaming cards will be given during sale)
75% off list price(retail price) all Red Tagged Gaming Items!

20% off all Statues

25% off all Toys & Action Figures

And keep your eyes peeled for Unannounced Super Specials appearing in the store
at HUGE Savings!

See ya There!!!

New Comic Releases Wed 12/23/09

The Comic pictures below are linked to a cool site called Comixology.
Clicking on a pic will give you the full lowdown on the comic.
If you do not want to go to a third party site, please do not click the links.