Thursday, August 6, 2009


Howdy folks!

Take Two!
Randy & myself (Wayne) will read comics we just wouldn't normally read.
We will then present to you 2 comics that we think are worthy of your attention.

Agents Of Atlas # 9

Writer : Jeff Parker
Artist : Dan Panosian

If you're like me then you haven't been reading Agents Of Atlas.
If that's the case then shame on you.This is actually a decent
book that's worth checking out.

This issue is the beginning of a new storyline which means it's
a good jumping on point for new readers.As I mentioned I have
never read this book before and I had no problem enjoying this

Jeff Parker's writing style is fun and easy to read.He gives just
enough info about what's going on without boring you and his
characters are colorful and entertaining.The artist on this book
isn't the greatest but it's good enough to get the job done,and
the art in no way takes away from how good the story is.The
best thing I can say about the art is that the character's facial
features are expressive which really helps to convey the humor
and emotion in this book.

This issue starts off with the leader of the Agents ( Jimmy Woo )
having a reunion of sorts with his ex-girlfriend who is actually
the leader of an evil terrorist organization.Jimmy seems to want
to rekindle the relationship with his ex,but instead finds that
they have now become enemies.Meanwhile Jimmy's teammates
( which includes an Atlantean,a space man,a super robot,and a
talking Gorilla flying around in a flying saucer )have just finished
their battle with the Hulk and then have to race off to rescue
Jimmy,leaving Bruce Banner in the middle of nowhere.Will the
Agents arrive in time to save their fearless leader?I guess you'll
have to read the book to find out.

So if you like old school sci-fi and super hero adventure then
check out Agents Of Atlas!


House of M : Masters of Evil #1

Writer: Christos N. Gage
Artist: Manuel Garcia

I am certainly not an alternate universe type of guy, certainly
when the alternate universe no longer exists. However
this is a well written story that captures the imagination in a
"what if" type of way. Well written with competent art. I really enjoyed
this first issue(of four).

In a universe where Magneto and other mutants rule the masses
non-mutants struggle to find a place in society, including the super villains.
The Hood aims to change all that by gathering together a large group
of villains to work together for the common good, that common good
being lots of cash for the villains.

Will they succeed? Will Magneto crush their plans? Will I ever be done
with this review?

Give this book a try, I wasn't disappointed and doubt you would be.


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