Friday, July 31, 2009


Howdy folks!

We are going to introduce a new feature here at The Comic Store Blog.
Randy & myself (Wayne) will read comics we just wouldn't normally read.
We will then present to you 2 comics that we think are worthy of your attention.

Randy has written up some great reviews of this weeks books...enjoy!

Skaar: Son of Hulk #13

Son of Hulk #13 ( Formerly Skaar Son fo Hulk )
Writer : Paul Jenkins
Penciler : Andres Guinaldo

This is the first issue of a new storyline featuring a new creative team
and a whole new direction for the series.However the main character
is no longer Skaar ( who will now be starring in the Incredible Hulk ),but
another character who is also known as the son of Hulk.Keep in mind
that I have never read a single issue of this series before so this new
son of Hulk may have made an appearance in an earlier issue,but I
was still able to enjoy the book despite being a little confused about
the origin of the main character.

The new writer is Paul Jenkins who has worked on the hulk in the past
and actually wrote some very good stuff back in the day.He's probably
best known for the work he did on the Marvel Knights line most notably
The Inhumans and The Sentry.Over all this was very good first issue
( technically speaking ).It had some interesting characters with some
depth and delivered a good set up for the rest of the series,and any-
time Galactus makes an appearance is cool with me.

The artist I am not familiar with but I was pleasantly surprised to find
that he was actually pretty decent.His style really fits the story and I
thought his rendition of Galactus was excellent.Hopefully Andres Gui-
naldo can stay on the book and remain consistent throughout the series.
Over all I enjoyed this book and it actually made me want to go back
and read the issues of Skaar that i missed,which I think is probably the
best compliment you could pay to any title out there.So if you're going
to read Son of Hulk now's the time to start.


Booster Gold #21
Writer / Penciler : Dan Jurgens

I don't think I've ever read an issue of Booster Gold in my life.The
character just never appealed to me,but over the last couple of years
I have started to think that he's actually pretty cool.It was really that
episode of Justice League Unlimited that won me over.He's the hero
that tries his best yet never gets the respect he deserves.That being
said,it appears he's finally gotten the comic series he deserves.

In this series Booster Gold is now the protector of all time and
space.So in this issue Booster has to travel to the Batcave and con-
front the new Batman in order to retrieve some photos from Batman's
files.The photos contain evidence that Booster has been traveling
through time and apparently no one is supposed to know.Therefore
he must retrieve the photos,fight Batman,and then figure out how to
stop a time traveling villain who's also trying to erase Batman from
existence.All in all a pretty good start to an interesting story.

I think Dan Jurgens classic super hero storytelling and art style
really works for this book ( considering he's the one who created
the character ).It's a fun read and worth checking out.

As a bonus you also get a Blue Beetle back up story which will
now be a regular feature in this title since his series was cancelled.
So if you like Blue Beetle then there's two reasons for you to read
this book.


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